Expect Better

My passion for real estate began early on in my life. My family began looking for a new home when I was in middle school, and we would spend weekends searching for the perfect house with help from our realtor, Beverly. She quickly became part of our family and was always happy to help us. I looked forward to talking with her when we got together and, to this day, I can still hear her voice. It took years for us to find the perfectly-imperfect house, but Beverly never seemed to tire of us. My childhood experience with Beverly fostered a passion for helping people and families find their perfect home.

While serving Johnson County, the Plaza, and Brookside communities, I strive to deliver the best personal service and knowledge I have to every client and have done so for the past 19 years. My goal is to act as an advisor for my clients and to make their transaction as stress-free as possible for them. As a member of the Total Team, I go above and beyond to help my clients buy and sell their homes and will do anything to get the job done.

As your agent, I will put all my energy and enthusiasm in representing your needs. I hope you will view me not only as a realtor, but as a family friend who has your back!


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